Department of Sanskrit and Philosophy, RKMVERI, Belur Math organized second series of special lectures in joint collaboration with Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati.

Vidwan Sri Ashwatthanarayana Avadhani, President Shruti Sankara Samskrita Samshodhana Samsthanam, Mattur familiarly known as the Sanskrit Village in Shimoga, Karnataka arrived here on our request to give lectures on select texts of Advaita Vedanta to the students of Integrated MA and Integrated Mphil+PhD.

The respectable scholar is the disciple of the venerable Sri Sachchidanandendra Saraswati Swamiji of Holenarsipur who composed and published hundreds of books, and devoted his life for the propogation of Sri Shankara’s philosophy. Refutation of mūlāvidyā is one of the basic doctrinal differences the Swami held on to. Sri Avadhani, his disciple learnt Advaita Vedanta in the traditional Gurukula system. Presently at the age of 65, his zeal and sincerity in time bound and topic-centred lectures served as a model lesson to the students. Endowed with simplicity coupled with extraordinary grasp over the subject he endeared himself to the pupils very quickly. Over forty years of teaching experience was borne out by his lucid and convincing exposition of the Advaitic texts. Needless to say the classes were of great benefit for all who attended. He dealt with:

  1. Māṇḍūkyakārikā (3rd Chapter – advaitaprakaraṇam ) with śāṅkarabhāṣyam for MA final year students.
  2. Brahmasūtram 4th Chapter with śāṅkarabhāṣyam for Mphil+PhD students.
  3. Brihadaranyaka-bhashya-vartikam (especially on Shravana, Manana and Nididhyasana).

Students of the department apart, Sadhus and brahmacharis of Belur Math and other nearby Ramakrishna Mission centres too attended the lectures.