Dīpaśikhā is the e-magazine of the department. Literally Dīpaśikhā means the flame of lamp. It serves the world when the Sun leaves it and the Moon is not there to shred the deep darkness. Dīpaśikhā sheds a soft glow on the treasure trove hidden in Samskrit – the oldest language of the world. Dīpaśikhā presents the highest philosophical ideas in Samskrit, so that the idea and respect can be spread at the same time.

The name of Dīpaśikhā is after the famous poet Kālidāsa who is known as Dīpaśikhā Kālidāsa for his well known simile.

This is an open platform for all. Anybody can write on any topic irrespective of Science, Humanities, Commerce and so on. The language should be Sanskrit. It is also a platform for creative writing, fine art, photography etc. Dīpaśikhā will present your talent to the world just on a click.

A dedicated team of research scholars of the department edit the magazine under the supervision of Dr. Rakesh Das.

Read Dīpaśikhā volume 2 (2016).

Read Dīpaśikhā volume 1.