Rationale of the programme

Often, the background of students who take a Masters degree in Sanskrit is found inadequate to pursue research. They need some orientation. With a view to prepare the students for research as well as to give them an exposure of different research areas, various research institutes across the nation have introduced post-M.Sc. programmes or pre-Ph.D. programmes in hard core science subjects for the incoming research students. All Universities in the West have pre-Ph.D. programmes for their students. But Indian Universities which offer Ph.D. programmes hardly ever provide any systematic training in advanced topics at the Post-P.G./ Pre-Ph.D. level. This leaves students in mid-waters as it were. They perforce have to acquire on their own with great difficulty the grounding needed for a thorough research in their chosen field of specialization. For want of proper training and orientation many of the post-graduate students in India lack the necessary confidence to carry on meaningful research during their Ph.D. programme. The M.Phil. programmes started at our Deemed University are intended to fulfill this important need of :

  • Providing research orientation to the students, and
  • Giving them an opportunity for a fairly extensive as well as intensive study in various research areas.


As per the decision of the Board of Studies of the Dept. of Sanskrit & Philosophy, the M.Phil. programme will be a three-semester one. Following ʻUGC Regulations on Minimum Standards and Procedure for the award of M.Phil/ Ph.D Degree, Regulations 2009’ there will be course work to be completed by the students. The programme will mainly comprise of the topics recommended by UGC and also the topics which will help the students to do better research in their chosen area. On satisfactory completion of course work and research methodology, which shall be the part and parcel of the M.Phil./Ph.D programme, the scholar shall undertake research work and produce a draft thesis before the end of the third semester. The project or dissertation work will be under the guidance of the faculty on an advanced topic in the subject concerned and is intended to give an orientation for Ph.D. research work. Meanwhile, the applicants are requested to go through the ʻUGC Regulations on Minimum Standards and Procedure for the award of M.Phil/ Ph.D Degree, Regulations 2009’ and Ph.D., D.Litt. and D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) and M.Phil. Regulations and Rules of RKMVERI.


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