5 Year integrated MA in Sanskrit – Salient features

1. All the Sanskrit subjects are taught in Sanskrit language only excepting one or two subjects in the first semester.

2. The specialization in the Śhastri-Ācharya type of syllabus begins right after 12th Standard. In many institutes specialization in the BA and MA programmes of Sanskrit is only in the MA second year. However, we begin the specialization at the 3rd year of the BA partially and fully in MA 1st year.

  1. This helps students to identify their subjects of interest, giving more flexibility and freedom to the student regarding subject choice.
  2. Just concentrating on one’s specialized area as per the traditional way of Sanskrit pedagogy makes students alien to other streams of knowledge in Sanskrit. However, this impairs the progress of students on other fronts. Hence, the specialization at 3rd year equips the students to know other streams as well.
  3. In modern system the students don’t get proper hold of his area of specialization as the syllabus covered is insufficient to call it a specialization.
  4. This Integrated MA programme integrates the merits of traditional and modern system and at the same time removes their demerits.

3. All the exams of Sanskrit are to be written only in Devanagari script and in Sanskrit language.

4. The programme follows semester pattern.

5. Syllabus is divided in to credits. Hence, credit based pattern is followed.

Click here for the Syllabus  for 2023-24 academic year

  • Twelve credits of Computer course including Natural Language Processing as a part of syllabus is another special feature which equips the students for picking up on the modern trends in Computational Linguistics.
  • Special emphasis is given to teach English and Hindi languages.
  • Subject experts are invited to teach the specialized/intricate subjects to the students.
  • We send the students to attend seminars, camps and competitions which enhance their skill and expand their vision.
  • Method of continuous assessment is in place. In a semester :
    2 Unit Tests (25+25) = 50 Marks
    1 Mid Term = 50 Marks
    1 Sem Exam = 50 Marks
  • Credits are counted while calculating GPA or CGPA.
  • Fully residential programme.
  • Financial assistance is provided to the needy but meritorious students.
  • Extra efforts are taken to teach communication and writing in Sanskrit.

We have Mānasollāsinī Pariṣad, a weekly forum wherein students get to exercise their talents through the performance of cultural activities. Its backed financially by the University by means of prizes & recognition.