Pāṇinīya-praveśa is a new programme launched by the Department of Sanskrit and Philosophy under the School of Indian Heritage at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur Math from 2019. It is a week-end outreach programme for learning the basics of Pāṇini’s grammar that is considered the most scientific of all grammars in the world. Anyone interested may apply. Age and background no bar.
Currently two Certificate courses are being offered under this Outreach programme : (1) Laghusiddhāntakaumudī for beginners, and (2) Vaiyākaraṇa-siddhāntakaumudī for those who have already studied Laghukaumudī at least in part.

Course Name:

  1. Laghusiddhāntakaumudī-1 – (Saṃjñā, Sandhi, Kāraka, Samāsa)
  2. Siddhāntakaumudī-1 – (Saṃjñā, Paribhāṣā, Pañcasandhi, Kāraka)


  • Medium of Instruction: Bengali and Simple Sanskrit
  • Duration of each Course: One Year (Two semesters with an exam after every six months)
  • Requirement: Regularity, Punctuality, and eagerness to learn


  1. Sūtrapāṭha: Training in memorization of sūtras through practical lessons in perfect pronunciation of Sanskrit phonemes.
  2. Practical Lessons: Assignments are given and each student will be monitored individually.
  3. Certificate: Those who pass in both the end semester examination will be given a certificate provided they have a minimum of 75% class attendance.
  4. Entry to the next higher level: Students who score 60% or more in the course (marks of the two semesters taken together) will be eligible for the next level course.


  1. Click here to see the admission page of the Certificate course in Laghu-Siddhanta-Kaumudi (Online).
  2. Click here to see the admission page of the Certificate course in Siddhanta-Kaumudi (Online).