Acharya Bhaktiputra Rohatam, Department of Dharmaagama, in the Faculty of Sanskritavidya Dharmavijnana of the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, gave a series of lectures in Sanskrit on Iswara-pratyabhijna, for a week from 4 to 9 July 2016. Acharya Bhaktiputra a gold medalist in Vedanta from Banaras Hindu University, and in Agama from Sampurnananda University, Varanasi is considered a specialist in this area – Kashmira-Shaivism.

Iswarapratyabhijna composed by Maha-maheswaracharya Utpaladeva is one of the prominent works in Kashmira-Shaiva-Advaita philosophy. Abhinavagupta of 11 century AD who also was widely revered as Maha-maheswaracharya wrote a commentary on it named Iswarapratyabhijna-vimarshini. Bhaskari is a gloss on this commentary and thus the Kashmiri Shaivism reigns to this day in scholastic circles. The wonderful tenets of this philosophy has attracted scholars and seekers of Truth alike.

The classes, though arranged for the M.Phil, PhD students, were open to all.