We are glad to inform you about the Extension Lecture Series-1 in the semester (Jul-Dec 2023), by Prof. Sripada Subrahmanyam, Professor of Sanskrit and Dean (Rtd.), Telugu University, Hyderabad

Resource Person: Prof. Sripada Subrahmanyam

Date: 06 July 2023, Thursday to 22 July 2023, Saturday (except Sundays)
Time: 11 am to 1pm
Venue: Saradananda Seminar Hall, Prajna Bhavan, RKMVERI
Aim: Clear understanding of the concepts of Pāṇinīya-vyākaraṇa as expounded in Vaiyākaraṇabhūṣaṇasāra
Target audience: The lectures, though meant for the students of MA in Sanskrit, are however open to all scholars, and students of who are interested

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