We are glad to announce the Extension Lecture Series-10 in the semester Jan-Jun 2024 on Agnisūkta 1.1, and Puruṣasūkta (10.90) of Ṛgveda with Sāyaṇa-bhāṣya. R. Manikanta, Veda Vedanta Pathashala, Palur, Tiruchirapalli, is an accomplished scholar and a Ghanapāṭhī in the Ṣākala-śākhā of Ṛgveda. Esteemed institutions like the Raja Veda Kavya Pathashala, and Sri Kanchi Veda Vedanta Shastra Sabha have conferred on him titles like Veda Bhushanam and Vyakarana-Ratnam. Manikanta will explain the mantras and Sāyaṇa-bhāṣya in simple Sanskrit. The lectures will be conducted in online mode via Zoom.

Resource person: R. Manikanta, Tiruchirapalli

  • Dates: 18 April to 25 May 2024
  • Time: 2.30 to 3.30 pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and 7 to 8 pm on Thu, Sat
  • Registration fee: ₹1000/-
  • Link: https://sanskrit.rkmvu.ac.in/reg-form-onl-ext-lect-agnisukta-purusasukta-apr-may-2024
  • For queries contact: (10 am to 6 pm except holidays)
  • Email:

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