We are glad to announce the ninth in the series of International Workshops on ‘Close Reading of the śāstras (śravaṇa-manana)’. It is a textual workshop, conducted in hybrid mode (offline + online) in the chapter on Kāraka in Prauḍhamanoramā of Bhaṭṭojī-Dīkṣita. Prof. Sripada Subrahmanyam, Professor of Sanskrit and Dean (Rtd.), Telugu University, Hyderabad a renown scholar in Pāṇinian grammar, with more than four decades of experience in teaching and research, will explain the text with insights from traditional glosses like Śabdaratna and Bhairavī.

Resource person: Prof. Sripada Subrahmanyam

Inaugural Address: Swami Atmapriyananda, Revered Pro-Chancellor, RKMVERI

Keynote Address: Prof. Shrinivas Varakhedi, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Central Sanskrit University

  • Dates: 06 July 2023, Thursday to 22 July 2023, Saturday (except Sundays)
  • Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm IST
  • Register at: https://forms.rkmvu.ac.in/reg-intl-wrksp-praudhamanorama-july-2023/
  • Token registration fee: ₹ 1000/- for research scholars, faculty, ₹ 500/- for students
  • Last date for registration: 30 June 2023, Friday
  • Certificate: Registered participants will be awarded a certificate provided they attend all the sessions, and fulfil all the requirements (like submission of self-assessment forms, and feedback form)
  • For queries contact:
  • Email:

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