We are glad to announce the tenth in the series of International Workshops on ‘Close Reading of the śāstras (śravaṇa-manana)’. In this textual workshop conducted online via Zoom, Dr.Maheswaran, Assistant Professor, The Madras Sanskrit College, Chennai, will explain in simple Sanskrit the first chapter (prathama-paricchedaḥ) of Tattvapradīpikā, familiarly known as Citsukhī, a polemical text in Advaita-vedānta.

Resource person: Dr. K. S. Maheswaran, Assistant Professor, The Madras Sanskrit College, Chennai

Inaugural Address: Swami Atmapriyananda, Revered Pro-Chancellor, RKMVERI

Keynote Address: Prof. Ramakrishna Bhat, Professor (Retd.), Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady

  • Dates: 10 July 2023 to the third week of August 2023 (except Sundays)
  • Time: 7.15 pm to 8.30 pm IST
  • Register at: https://forms.rkmvu.ac.in/reg-intl-wrksp-tattvapradipika-jul-2023/
  • Registration fee: ₹ 1000/- for research scholars & faculty, ₹ 500/- for students
  • Last date for registration: 05 July 2023, Wednesday
  • Certificate: Registered participants will be awarded a certificate provided they attend all the sessions, and fulfil all the requirements (like submission of self-assessment forms, and feedback form)
  • For queries contact:
  • Email:

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